Firefly at Jantar Mantar Ujjain

Hi there! Welcome to Firefly’s Blog! I am Chandni Asnani (aka Firefly), a creative writer and blogger on WordPress since 2015. I am a Computer Science graduate with a Master’s degree in English Literature. Weird combination, right? But thankfully, it worked out for me when I found a job that blends both tech and writing perfectly! Currently, I’m working as a full-time technical writer at kripeshadwani.com and as a freelance blogger and copywriter for Isha Life Blog.

I am really passionate about writing and inspiring people with the power of words. I owe the beginning of this blog to my beautiful friend, Shreyas. He is the one who introduced me to Blogging and gave the right direction to my work. 😄 Since then, I have been posting a variety of things here: memoirs, poems, articles, event posts, interviews, etc. So, if you are in for a dose of positivity, fun, and a punch of some weird, crazy ideas, you have definitely landed yourself at the right place! 

Also, I named my blog “The Twilight Firefly” because it represents my sole purpose- To inspire everyone and make them reach their highest potential, I want to be the Firefly who eliminates darkness! My love for writing began back when I was 9. I used to craft poems about doggies, horses, parrots, barbie dolls, and whatnot! Haha, and other than writing, I love reading fiction, and doodling too. Just last year, I started making Webcomics and it’s so much fun. Do check out some crazy webcomic strips on my YouTube Channel.

This is my brand new website celebrating seven years of my blogging journey. Check out my previous blog here. Thank you for being there and supporting me throughout. Hope you enjoy reading my posts. 💙 For any feedback, discussion, or queries, you can contact me here.

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