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6 Big Benefits of Doodling!

Ever found yourself drawing random patterns while talking on the phone? Or scribbled your Maths teacher yelling at a kid? 😛 Doodling is a very common activity which is often thought of as distracting or useless or even childish. But you’ll be surprised to know that it has some proven advantages. Read on to find out!

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So, what is a doodle anyway? Doodles are non verbal messages, like shapes, faces, patterns, flowers or anything at all that one scribbles absent mindedly. Doodles are thought to be the window to one’s sub-conscious mind. Let’s have a look at 6 Big Benefits of Doodling!

It Enhances Creativity

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Doodling inspires new and creative ideas within us. As a writer, I’ve observed this a number of times that whenever I’m going through a writer’s block, doodling has helped me come up with something innovative. It’s funny how aimlessly drawing some circles could even spark up a new scientific theory!

It Helps Us Introspect

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Doodling lets us cut off and focus on our inner world. It’s like a meditation. It helps us identify our emotions and process them well. Sometimes, we can find the answers to our deepest troubles within those silly doodle figures.

Doodles Make Us Laugh

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Haha, this one is indeed why I love drawing doodles. It tickles the funny bone and adds humor to life. It lets us look at life from a very light-hearted perspective. Also, drawing doodles is a great way to use up leftover stationary items. 😛

It Improves Memory

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Doodling helps to memorize things in a better way. It makes us connect, form links to objects and relate them together. By drawing doodles, we create mental images that get imprinted in our minds like words can’t. When memorizing events in English Literature, I find this doodling technique very handy cause it makes me remember complex things without difficulty.

Doodles Relieve Stress

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Doodling helps cure anxiety and nervousness. It is the best stress-buster. It’s like a therapy and it is said to brighten up the mood in a matter of seconds. The next time you’re angry or upset about something or someone, try dumping it down on the paper. Just draw their face and shoot them with a missile, huh. I’m sure you’ll instantly start feeling better.

It Improves Concentration

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Sounds odd, right? How can doodling improve concentration? But it’s actually true. Scribbling doodles during business meetings etc helps us focus in a better way. It helps us retain more information. It keeps the brain occupied. This happens during phone calls too. Doodling keeps us occupied so that our brain could focus on something else. Next time you’re dozing off in a boring history lecture, do try doodling to keep awake and alert.

Doodles are very easy and attractive, right? So, I’d like you all to perform a little task if you are up for it. I want you to doodle a happy moment of your life, capture it and send it to me. Don’t forget to describe what the picture is about, huh. I’ll upload all of them here! You don’t need to be an artist or even be good at drawing, haha. Doodling is just an expression. So, don’t go for perfection, just focus on bringing the happy emotion in your doodle. 😀 For reference, here’s one happy moment from my life.

birthday doodle @twilightfirefly

This doodle is about my 21st birthday when my college friends came home and gave me a huge surprise. I celebrated my birthday with friends for the first time then, and that’s what makes this such an emotional and memorable event for me.

You can submit your posts below! Nobody’s judging you, huh. Just go ahead.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post and the little task as well. I’ll be back with another interesting post next week. This is Firefly signing off! Keep Shining! 😀

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  1. Ah, what a sweet post. I love the way you present your doodles- so passionate!
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