Chandni Asnani

Hello! This is Firefly, a happy soul who dreams of inspiring the world with the power of pen! :)

Imposter Syndrome: How to Tame Your Inner Critic and Embrace Confidence 

“Been working as a Senior Manager for the last 5 years, but I feel like I’ve been faking it the whole time. One day they’ll figure it out and fire me!” Sounds familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome is very much real. As per estimates, about 70% of people across the globe have experienced …

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Why are you so difficult?

The little live chat icon sneaks in,From the bottom left of my screen.Oh, why did I mess up those settings?Now I have to face customer service! So, I click on the chat button,And post a genuine issue.To my surprise, I’m forwarded,To a virtual waiting queue! A queue of depressed clients,Seeking a quick reply. WhosePatience is …

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Yet another beginning!

Hello and welcome to Firefly’s blog. If you’re able to read this, congratulations! I didn’t knock you out. Well, not yet! You must be wondering what brings me here today. By the way, who am I even talking to? It’s just me here. This is like talking out loud to the walls, huh. Nobody’s going …

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Reflecting on 2021

Time is running super fast, isn’t it? Another year has gone by, leaving hundreds of unforgettable memories behind. This year has been the best and the most challenging one. For me, 2021 marks the end to an era of fears, anxiety, and uncertainties. This year pushed me through the extremities of highs and lows, but …

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Time to Fight

Hello people! Hope you all are doing good. I realised I suck at keeping promises. Maybe posting once a month is the best I can do, haha. Here’s a poem about staying strong and keeping the faith. Hope you like it. 🙂 Dreadful visions leave you out cold,Unsettling thoughts rattle your soul.Ain’t no loving hand …

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Greenery swallowed me!

Firefly says Hello people! It’s been ages that I visited this place and I doubt I have any blogger friends left now. 😛 Anyway, greetings to anyone reading this post. I have not published a single post on WordPress this year. I might blame it on lack of time, lack of creativity, busy schedule, and …

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