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6 Tricks of Mastermind Moms!

Hello everyone! Firefly is back again with some hilarious and relatable situations that we’ve all been through but never paid much attention to! So, this post is about how moms trick us into doing the things that they want. Moms are the best creatures alive. Moms are the kindest and most loving but don’t forget, they’re also masterminds. They know how to get you into their trap and get work done! Let’s have a look at 6 Tricks of Mastermind Moms!

Guilty Conscience

moms reverse psychology @twilightfirefly

This is the most famous one, and I guess almost every mom does this to her kids. It’s when she comes to you casually asking you to do some work, and then when you deny, proceeds to act like she’s going to do it herself. Which she isn’t, ofcourse! πŸ˜› Finally, you feel so guilty that you end up doing it. Yay! Her target completed!

Senses Movement

mom sense moving objects @twilightfirefly

Haha, moms are like motion sensor devices. They can magically sense every moving object in their vicinity. And their brains are constantly collecting tasks to do. You would be watching tv and as soon as you get up, she fires her to-do list right at you!


moms are future tellers @twilightfirefly

This one is suggested by my friend and junior Kratika Shrivastav. πŸ™‚ Girls would relate to this one! How many times has she made you do things in the name of ‘sasural wale kya kahenge’. And we do it too, cause you know, sasural wale kya kahenge! πŸ˜› Imagine if you grew up this way, learning every kind of dish possible and when you finally marry and are ready to impress them all, you get to know they have a maid for cooking food! How cheated would you feel?

Time Turner

moms time turner @twilightfirefly

The classic Mom trick. It’s like they have some superpowers or what! Sometimes, we are looking right at the clock and are like, Maa 7 hi toh baje hain, and she’ll still counter it by saying, Haan toh 12 bajne wale hain na. Uth ja chal.

Fantastic Flattery

moms and flattery @twilightfirefly

Oh, we all would agree, we really feel flattered when Mom praises us before our relatives. But little do we know, that praise is going to backfire! πŸ˜› And we’re just standing there thinking, Whattt! How did you do that?

Emotional blackmail

moms Emotional blackmail @twilightfirefly

This, I feel, is the last and the most powerful trick in their bags. If everything else fails to work, they have their secret weapon of emotional blackmail. It’s only for special occasions, okay?

This one was suggested by my cousin, Rahul Asnani. Thanks Bro, I hope your mom reads this. πŸ˜€

So, what are some clever tricks that your mom applies on you? Did these situations remind of anything similar happening to you? Do let me know in the comments section. πŸ™‚ And apologies for this informal style of writing and the crappy vocabulary. These are just on-the-spot thoughts that came to my mind. Like stream of consciousness writing technique, haha. Spontaneity is fun!

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