fireflys mindless blogging challenge day 2

Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #2)

Hi again! This is Day 2 of Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge and I’m here with another post. I’m gradually getting the hang of blogging again. You know, I’ve noticed this one thing since yesterday that we only need the will to do something. That’s it. Everything becomes possible after you say ‘Yes‘.

And this applies to everything. If you wish to do something, just say ‘yes’ and jump into the battlefield. Don’t think twice. For the last few months, I was so averse to the thought of blogging or poetry that I just occupied myself with other things and completely ignored my blog.

Time nahi hai, studies hain, ghar ke kaam hain, internship hai.”- All these were just excuses to run away from putting in the efforts! As I’m typing this post, I realize that there’s a lot of spare time available. I just didn’t have my priorities set right.

Yesterday, after I decided to blog every single day, magically, loads of ideas started bubbling up in my mind. And right now, I have around five different comic ideas and three blog ideas, and this has never happened before.

The lesson is, creativity and brilliant ideas are always around. We just need the right glasses to locate them and catch them!

Haha, anyways, sorry for the boring philosophy lessons. This blog is my place for venting out all the kachra that’s been piling up in my mind. You can expect more of this nonsense as I gain momentum here. πŸ˜€ And if you don’t like this, well, do you see the unfollow button?

Sooo, coming back to our topic, this is a poem written in original Firefly style. I wrote it based on this picture prompt. Look at it for a minute and then go through the poem.

Every night, as the moon comes up,
And illuminates the vast blue skies,
She slowly walks up to her terrace,
Under the glow of silver moonlight.

A million beaming stars wink down at her,
The trees, the birds, rejoice in that hour.
Her eyes well up with sad tears, when
She finds his glowing face in a tiny star!

Oh, he left her alone in this cruel world,
Without him, her life seems to be blurred.
But she knows that someday he’ll be back,
And finally, tell her his Netflix password!

I hope you enjoyed reading. I’ll be back with another post tomorrow. Thanks for reading. This is Firefly signing off! Keep shining! πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #2)”

  1. Before we talk about your poem,
    I wanna tell you, I absolutely enjoy reading firefly, that wasn’t too much of your philosophy lesson. I was rather enjoying itπŸ˜‚

    And how you said, don’t like me, hit unfollow ☺️ no wonder why I tell you bring more of our fireflyπŸ˜„ she’s so much fun.

    Coming to your poem, it’s hillarious, I initially thought it must be some love poem, but look how it ended, wonderful twist I must sayπŸ˜‚

    Hii firefly, it’s so good to see you back and yes Happy Diwali to you and your family πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

    1. Haha, Rashmiiii! How are you?
      Thankyou so much. I’m surprised someone actually reads my nonsense rants over here. 🀣

      Haha, Firefly is totally a ball of fire. She doesn’t care about followers or admirers and insulting people is her favourite hobby. πŸ˜‚

      Hehe, thanks again. Happy Diwali to you and your family as well! I hope you celebrated it with lots of happiness. πŸ€— So happy to hear from you, Rashmi. Take care!

    2. Hi Chandni, I am good. Thank you. How about you?

      Hey, never second guess that, more than reading poems and stuff, I love to read about what is there is people’s mind, all raw thoughts. So undoubtedly I love reading them. Bring out more of it.

      Hey, ball of fire. I can relate to the part of not caring about people when it comes to putting forward your own thoughts.

      I celebrated it really well with my family. I hope same was the case there.
      I am happy to speak to you, you’re crazy like me.

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