2020 in a Nutshell – A Collaboration Poem

Hello people! Hope you all are doing good. Firefly was on a short break for a few weeks. I really hope she’ll be regular in 2021! Let’s take that up as a New Year Resolution maybe.

Anyways, I recently did a collaboration with the one and only, Mr Viks ki Goli, whose real name I’m not going to reveal. πŸ₯³

He expresses himself very beautifully and I am a big fan of his Hindi poems. As far as I’ve got to know him, he’s a very well-mannered and witty person.

Do check out his blog if you want to enjoy some super creative content and sometimes some dukh bhari shayaris too. 😼

Have a look at our silly little collaboration poem!

It’s only day 3 of lockdown
And I’m an introvert basically
Already Ran out of GBs
Can’t escape the family.
Tried for a walk last night
Came home back quickly
Saw cops outside
Can’t handle their hits physically
Hot chick lives in the same building
But Her family lives along
Damn!! Baby gal, u deserve good
It’s my home where you belong
Just like my life
My days are empty too
Fuck the Chinese
Why did you spread the flu?
Neither I m a racist
Nor I m trynna be mean
All you had to do was
To change your cuisine.

But you stuck to your nasty ways,
Now the world’s headed to its bane.
You locked us in our room for months,
Oh, you’re a sly snake like Rashi Ben.

Corona has made our lives go haywire,
When’s it gonna end, we have no clue!
Chinese, like Thanos, snapped their fingers,
But we won’t disappear like the morning dew.

Y’know, I’m the official maid of the house,
Brooming and sweeping these floors.
Cleaning up things like it’s Diwali tomorrow,
But first, let’s check up on Corona scores!

Look out the window, hundreds are dyin’,
But don’t you worry, it’s already time.
Mahabharata at 11, Ramayan at 9, Oh,
I’ve learnt more Hindi than my lifetime!

Noticed the moon acting like a celebrity?
He’s getting a lot of attention these days.
I look up at him, and all I can think is,
When will I get that green wala Lays?

YouTube is like my biggest enemy now,
Keeps teasing me with delicious recipes.
Makes me miss my Zomato wale Bhaiya,
Don’t give me oregano, just give me peace.

Β©2020 Viks_ki_Goli Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

So, how did you guys spend your 2020? Did lockdown prove to be a gift for you? Or did you find yourself screaming in the night, craving for an icecream? 😼

Do share with me in the comments section below. This is Firefly signing off! Take care and keep shining! 🌟

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