Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #7)

Hello, people! Firefly is back! Hope you all are doing fine. My life has turned upside down in the last few days! I finally came face to face with one of my biggest fears. Also, WordPress is being so rude to me. You’ll have to click on this button below to read more. How insensitive!

Oh, you really clicked on the button to read my entire post. Let me bring the crown to honor you! 👑 Firefly is truly grateful!

So, I’d been facing lots of issues with my website since the last few days. I wasn’t able to post or reply to any comments at all! (Not like I have hundreds of people waiting for my replies! I’m no celebrity. 😿)

I tried to initiate a good friendship between these two plugins but they won’t stay together at any cost! 🤦🏾‍♀️ It took me hours and hours to settle their disputes but all in vain.

Finally, I had to kick out one of them. (Guess which one did I sacrifice?) He was such a cool plugin. But anyways, I wanted to be able to blog in peace again, and here I am!

I haven’t prepared any blog as such. I’m just here to share my thoughts. So, a few days back, my brother forced me to come back to Instagram! I was super terrified of that place. It had been two years I left it for good, and I never thought I would return!

My main problem was the stress and anxiety that came with all these social media platforms, especially Instagram. It’s so insanely addictive! It promotes competition and that leads to more and more anxiety.

But because I don’t have any studies to focus on right now, I decided to finally crawl out of my shell and give it a try. It’s been two days, and it does take up a chunk of my time, but it’s not that bad!

Also, Instagram has undergone so much of change since 2018! I can literally perform all the basic functions from the browser itself. That’s super cool! 😃

And this is where Firefly jumps in and the fun begins! It’s going to be my second last major project for 2020. Our research is based on the hypothesis that using hashtags increases the reach of our posts. 🤔

So, I’m going to extensively post a variety of content till December 31st and see what happens! By the above assumption, I am expecting to gain around 100-200 followers. Firefly is going to be a myth-buster now! Let the fun begin. 🤓

Anyways, here’s a short poem about hope. Hope you enjoy!

Thunder strikes the broken pathways,
Of my dying heart, drenched in pain.
Hope shatters into a million pieces,
Like a phoenix, only to be born again!

So, this is Firefly signing off! I’ll be back soon, most probably in the next week! Take care, guys, and keep rocking! 🥳

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7 thoughts on “Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #7)”

  1. I don’t know what are you?
    One time you are a bubbly and cheerful girl with a fine humour and as soon as I read your poems it tells something else. It was so beautiful.
    Not just the words but the emotions also appear to be heavy.
    Wonderful! Keep them coming.

    1. Haha, every coin has two sides, right? But Firefly has twenty five sides, nobody has seen them all. 😹🤦🏾‍♀️

      Thank you so much! You got it right. Wrote this a few months back. Reading this still makes me shiver. 😼

      Anyways, thank you so much! How have you been? How was the birthday and the exams? 🧐

    2. So, now I have seen 2 sides of yours now remains other 23.
      I am doing good. Birthday was just like my usually days. Exam😅?! Jane do.
      I just hope your spirit animal help me.

    3. Hehe, you’ll get to know dheere dheere. 😹🤦🏾‍♀️ Kyun? You should’ve celebrated na. Saal mein ek baar toh aata hai bechara, don’t let it be like other days.

      Hahaa! Achha nahi hua exam? I can relate. Sure sure. You can rely on her, she’s always there to help. 😁

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