A New Rhyme!

Hello people! This poetry writing month is turning out to be tougher than I thought. Coming up with new ideas everyday is a nightmare! So far I’ve realised that I can write rant poems in no time but good poetry takes hours and hours. Still haven’t figured out the topic for tomorrow’s poem. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ Have a look at this rhyming rant, haha.

I’m so bored writing poems everyday,
This living hell puts my heart in dismay.
It’s a torture facing the same blank page,
Even the ink in my pen is highly enraged!

One line placed carefully on top of another,
Like a game of Jenga, I can’t go any further.
It takes up my days, feeds on my patience,
Lost is my soul, like I’m dangling on a fence.

My mind is reaching the saturation point,
No new ideas settle here, it’s so annoying.
Where do I find beautiful rhymes regularly?
I was a fool to take this challenge so early.

Now, I’m suffering, I can’t even quit this play,
Hope writer’s block won’t catch me midway.
It’s just been six days, and I’m literally dying,
O Lord, give me courage to find a new rhyme!

-Firefly! 🌚

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14 thoughts on “A New Rhyme!”

  1. Even to write about ‘I cannot think about writing anymore’ you still ended up writing this beautiful rant poem.

    Wow. Here comes the natural talent in you Chandu.

    1. That is true. And I’m not complaining. But when my puppet gives a performance, everyone should atleast clap to encourage me. Itna toh karsakte, it’s free. Aur haath nai toot jaate clapping me. πŸ˜’

    2. Encore is what? 😺 And haan, aap ho na but baaki bhi toh aayein atleast. I start doubting on my poetry then ki itna kya waahiyaat likh diya ki people are being so silent. πŸ€”

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