Day 22 – Dazzling Colours

Hello all! National Poetry Writing Month is on! It’s the time when poets from all around the world exhibit their love for the art of poetry writing. 😄

My poem for Day 22 is titled Dazzling Colours! I’ve been suuuper obsessed with watching reaction videos of Enchroma glasses. OMG! They are a gift to humankind. The reactions are priceless. Enchroma glasses let colourblind people see colours. How cool is that concept, huh! Have a look at my dedication! 🤠

With trembling fingers, he put on the glasses,
A spectrum of colors popped into his sight.
Pinks, purples, yellows, oranges and reds,
Dazzled his world that was black and white.

Overwhelmed, his face turned cherry red,
Tears fell from his awed, ecstatic eyes.
At encountering such vibrance, such hues,
Restrained to him throughout his life.

Lilacs and lavenders caught his attention,
He jumped and laughed like a little boy.
How happy he was to see his mom’s eyes,
“Grassy green”, he exclaimed with utmost joy.

Oh, his colourblindness had found a cure,
Enchroma glasses fulfilled his wildest dream.
Colours truly filled up his incomplete soul,
Every sunset will henceforth be special to him.

You can check out my previous attempts at #NaPoWriMo here and here. Thankyou. This is Firefly signing off! Keep shining! Stay safe. 🌟

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