Day 3 – Coming up Green

Hello all! National Poetry Writing Month is on! It’s the time when poets from all around the world exhibit their love for the art of poetry writing. πŸ˜„

My poem for Day 3 is titled- Coming Up Green. It’s a Quintilla poem, i.e., a 5 line poem with each line consisting of 8 syllables. There are only 2 rhymes throughout and it shouldn’t end on a couplet. Those are the rules! I’ve tried the rhyme scheme- aabab. Have a look!

Young emeralds sway in the farm
Omens of good days, fresh and warm.
Bed of lush leaves awaits, unseen
I lay back, resting arm on arm
Diving into nature, coming up green.

A big thankyou to Arpan, my college friend, who pushed me to continue when I lost hope. Firefly is grateful. πŸ’™πŸŒš

You can check out my previous attempts at #NaPoWriMo here and here. Thankyou. Keep shining! ⭐

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