Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #6)

Hello people, weekend is finally here, woohoo! Time for lots of rest and rest and rest! For someone working merely three hours a day, demanding more rest is a sin!

But, anyways, winters have knocked our doors, and we are going to answer them with super soft and furry blankets. Cheers to never getting out of bed, haha. 🥳

So, I have 11 different blog post ideas in my notes app right now, but very less resolution to work on any of them. One of those was this little poem that I somehow finished. Hope you’ll enjoy.

With every passing moment,
My anticipation grew.
He rang the doorbell,
And my heartbeats flew.

Rosy red smile in his eyes,
And a cute little nose,
The most beautiful face had
Locked me under a love dose!

As soon as he walked in,
My nerves turned to butterflies,
Oh, he was a bundle of warmth,
I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
Who needed a quilt anyway,
When I had him by my side.

I pulled him closer to my heart,
He held me in a warm embrace.
In that moment I knew we would,
Together spend the rest of our days!

I was entranced by his love,
I was charmed by his swag,
My life was finally complete,
With my dearest heating bag! 😻

What are the things that you love about winters? I just looove hoodies, and full sleeve t-shirts, and beanie caps, and fluffy quilts, and hot ginger chai, and the bright sun, and the vaporizer, and every single thing about winters!

What do winters remind you of? Do let me know in the comments section!

Seeyou in the next post. This is Firefly signing off! Don’t leave your blankets, everyone. 😼

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4 thoughts on “Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #6)”

  1. *any limb moves*
    Demand for more rest.

    Your poems and posts are amusingly enigmatic. No one knows what might show up in the end. In the initial lines, I thought it to be Santa. Fir laga, be practical, yash. Then I thought of any zomato guy. But why would your nerves become butterfly seeing a zomato guy? I paused for a moment then I was certain it to be teddy bear. I mean girls love it.
    Silly me, not for a second I thought it would be your heating bag. What a beautiful poem!

    1. Haha, that is 100% true. I see my granny basking in the sun and feel like mujhe kab aisi life milegi. 😹 I want so much free time too.

      Hehe, Firefly is SuspenseFly now. Though, you did already have an idea about this topic, but you couldn’t guess. Thank God! 😼

      Andd, why would a Zomato guy ring a bell and walk into my house to serve me food? 😂 Crazy idea, I think I’ll draw a comic about this.

      Thankyou for your comment. I got so many hilarious ideas from here. Will be adding them to my pending blog ideas wala list. 😺✋

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