I Reach For You!

When I’m low on hope, and,
Nothing holds joy anymore,
When the heart is shattered,
Cracks run all the way to the core.
When healing scars are dug deep,
Eyes threaten to, but cannot weep.
I reach for you, I reach for you!

When happiness envelopes my world,
Giggles and smiles knock my door,
The sea of good vibes overflows,
Waves of positivity crash life’s shore.
Every cell of my existence, exults with joy,
Love pours down on me from the blue sky.
I reach for you, I reach for you!

When I hold onto you so tight,
There’s nothing that couldn’t go right.
Scarlet smile plays on my lips,
Like a sweet, sweet rhyme,
Love’s etched on my soul,
In moonlit nights, oh beloved, mine,
I reach for you, I reach for you!

© 2019 Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

27 thoughts on “I Reach For You!”

    1. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! 🤣 Look at the level of my thoughts. So lame. You definitely are a great poet. I have read just one poem of yours and I can still say that without a doubt. 💫

    2. You are so humble to say that. Thank you. Mark my words. You are going to do wonders if you keep writing!

    3. And you are super humble to say that too. Hehe, about writing regularly, I’ve participated in Poetry writing month, and it’s HELL! 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m trapped and can’t even quit. Surviving through April would be a huge achievement.

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