Flow Deep and Blue!

Hey, little wave on the ocean,
Remember to flow deep and blue,
Smile, and make your way through,
The majestic ocean is watching you.
Flirt with the colourful fishes,
Blow the mermaids flying kisses.
Flow carelessly, flow fearlessly,
Bubbling, giggling with fellow waves.
Wink on the sun shining bright,
Flow, before childhood bliss fades.
Flow deep and blue.

Some waves might change their way,
But you have just got to stay.
Be a stoic warrior in arms,
Swallow everything in your wake.
Remember, the ocean weeps too,
It’s made up entirely of tears,
Of worries, agonies, and of fears,
But it uses them like a shield,
To hide the dragon fire deep down,
And keep flowing on the battlefield.
Stay calm and placid, make no sound,
Flow, let nothing shake your ground.
Flow deep and blue.

Firefly 🐝

Hello people! How’re you all doing? This image just struck me hard. It’s so blue and beautiful. 💙 This was my attempt of penning down something philosophical like personifying a new born wave! The only message that I wanted to convey is: One must learn to really ‘live’ before one dies. What’s the fun in being serious all the time and missing out on the little things? Also, being strong in the journey is also equally essential. Don’t break down on little things. Afterall, the ocean stands for endurance and strength.

Thankyou for reading! Have a great time. This is Firefly signing off. Keep shining! 😀

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  1. Well written and nice comparison of life with ocean .👍👍👍👍keep writing 💐💐💐

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