Moon watching!

Hello people! I know I’ve not been active here, but it’s just getting super tough for me to put my thoughts on paper. My head is brimming with crazy ideas, but execution is zero, haha. I don’t know how to get over this. It will take some time, maybe.

So, today I just found a half written poem in my drafts and thought of re-editing it and making it look like a brand new poem! Clever strategy, right? 😼

I love the Moon! He’s my most favourite sight to behold. He’s so peaceful, so calm, so patient and so wise. I wish I could just catch him and keep him by my side forever! 🌚 Check out this tiny poem dedicated to the Moon!

The majestic monarch of the night,
Paints the world in celestial light.
He tours the sky, placid winds blow,
Gleaming stars bow down to his glow.
Moonlight trails behind, nice and slow,
But at last, he stops by my little window.
Poets fall for him, and so do thee,
But the moon secretly belongs to me!

Hope you found this poem satisfactory. I’ll be back (soon) with something interesting. Till then, here’s a meme-comic idea that I was too lazy to design on my laptop.

Me: Trying my best to be active on WordPress.

Writer’s Block: I’m going to destroy this girl’s whole career. 😾

Anyways, this is Firefly signing off! Take care and keep shining! See you all in the next blog post.

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8 thoughts on “Moon watching!”

  1. 1. We all want to read your crazy ideas popping inside your head.
    2. This poem is as beautiful as the moon in the photo. Truly, I have read this poem so many times.
    3. Kindly, write more poems on moon.
    4. Ghoda wala post kaha hai?

    1. 1. Haha, I’ve forgotten how to hold a pen or type anything now. 😹
      2. Thankyouu! The photo credit goes to Google. I can’t take such beautiful photos ever. The moon does look so perfect in it by the way. 🌚
      3. Definitely. Aap bhi likho poems.
      4. Haven’t even started with it, to be honest. 😬 Firefly should only make promises she can keep. 🤦🏾‍♀️

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