Reflecting on 2021

Time is running super fast, isn’t it? Another year has gone by, leaving hundreds of unforgettable memories behind. This year has been the best and the most challenging one.

For me, 2021 marks the end to an era of fears, anxiety, and uncertainties. This year pushed me through the extremities of highs and lows, but all of it was totally worth it because I came back stronger!

This year taught me a tonne about life and about myself. Here are the 3 most significant lessons!

1. A little courage is all we need!

This is probably the biggest learning I had in 2021. A little courage can make miracles happen.

I had been holding on to my childhood trauma for so long that it had almost paralyzed me. That terrifying fear had me in its grips and I’d spent hundreds of sleepless nights crying on my situation but never having the courage to improve it.

To my surprise, it only took 80 days for the bubble to burst! I got over my biggest fear and it was not that terrifying either. The best part is that I have got nothing to lose now. Fear scared me so much that I became completely fearless! πŸ˜€

The thing is, things are not as complicated as we imagine them to be. If we have the courage to dare, no fears can ever cross our path.

Till the time there is breath in your lungs, things are constantly changing, improving. What I learnt is that if we are alive, we’ve not lost yet!

2. The definition of success differs from person to person

You know how it is always portrayed that if you don’t go through a lot of hardships to achieve a goal, you’re not successful. Why does success always mean that you need to struggle day and night? Does it mean that we should find harder ways to do simpler things just to prove we worked?

If I talk about myself, many people might feel that being a writer is easy and hence, not a mark of success. I could’ve pursued better degrees, got a better paying job, given government exams, and my life would’ve been much better today.

Why is power and money always linked to success? If you have a higher postion, or earn a lot of money, only then you’re certified successful. What about satisfaction?

The definition of success might be different for everyone and it’s not right to judge anyone. We all have our own journey and I am super happy with my progress. No regrets whatsoever!

3. Time is the most underrated thing on this planet!

I realised this when I started working. Time is extremely limited and so are our days. And yet, we mindlessly waste it on trivial stuff like scrolling through Insta reels!

Time is the ultimate God. It can make anything happen for you. The rule is that whatever we spend our time on, grows. If I spend it on learning a new skill, it might mean sacrificing talking to friends or going out and socializing.

At the end of the day, if it makes you happy, then do it! You are incharge of your time. So spend it in a way that you don’t regret it later in your old age.

This is enough blabbering for today. I don’t understand why can’t I simply stick to one topic. Once I start writing, my mind is bombarded with so many thoughts and I can’t filter them. So, this was all about my learnings. Cheers to 2021. πŸ˜€

-Firefly 🐝

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