Time to Fight

Hello people! Hope you all are doing good. I realised I suck at keeping promises. Maybe posting once a month is the best I can do, haha. Here’s a poem about staying strong and keeping the faith. Hope you like it. 🙂

Dreadful visions leave you out cold,
Unsettling thoughts rattle your soul.
Ain’t no loving hand left to hold,
The time has come to stay bold.
Some fights you’ve got to fight on your own,
Some fears you’ve got to face all alone.

The imprints of those scars,
Haunted memories of the past,
Forever green in your heart.
Like a tape recorder on repeat,
Stabbing your soul into shards.
But don’t worry, let time play its part,
One day you’ll get over it, sweetheart.

So wipe your tears, breathe in those fears,
Breathe them into your soul, slow and deep,
Surrender, fall, just take the leap!
Life is a rollercoaster, but I promise,
It won’t ever swing this low,
We’ve seen the darkest of nights,
Now, we’ll only rise above!

So rise, rise O’ Queen Firefly,
The fiery warrior of the twilight,
Set ablaze the scars with your blinding light,
Can’t back off before you’ve conquered the night,
Bring on your armour, now it’s time to fight!

©2019-21 Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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