Snake in Demand

Hello everyone! This is a silly poem that I wrote a while back. Hope you enjoy reading. You know, it’s really getting tough for me to post anything here, cause talented people like you intimidate me very much. Even the thought of posting something scares me these days. 😹 I can never write high quality poems like you all, haha. But I’m trying. Have a look!

He hangs from the wall,
Like a long, slender snake.
Waiting for his turn to,
Finally get a little break.

But people just arrive,
To disturb his naptime,
They drag him to work,
Never asking if he’s fine.

Be it the hours of rush,
Or a chilled out vacation,
This snake never fails to,
Get the maximum attention.

He provides his services,
Day in and day out,
Cooperates with devices,
Knows what teamwork’s about.

Travels in people’s handbags,
He’s very uniquely abled,
Always devoted to his work,
All hail the champion on table.
The snake in demand today,
He’s the lovely, USB Cable!

Β©2019-20 Twilight_Firefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

33 thoughts on “Snake in Demand”

  1. “cause talented people like you intimidate me very much”

    LOL so true! It gets really hard sometimes. 😩

    But you don’t have to even think about it, Chandni. You’re unique and your poems provide us with much needed charming spell of heartfelt poetry.

    Loved the rhyming, the theme and the signature Chandni style. 😘❀️🌸 USB Cables are rejoicing in your words. 😎

    1. Aa’eedahhhhhh!! I missed you. 😫β™₯️ How’re you? How was your break? Are you back, huh?

      Haha, but you write so perfectly. I look up to your work, but I get intimidated as well. 😁 Thankyou so much, but these poems add no meaning to anyone’s life naa. USB cable ke alawa koi nahi khush hua ye read karke. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Ή

    2. πŸ€—I missed you moreeee..

      I am good, dear. The uncertainty during these times is too hard to fight with but kya kar sakte hai.😩

      You know, Chandni, I wrote absolutely nothing during my break and that made me realize.. There’s a line between blogging and writing! 😁 So, the break should continue, I guess. I really need to define and thicken that line or else, the quality of my poems will keep deteriorating. πŸ™ But I will keep posting something once in a while so that I don’t fade away from your memory. Hehe πŸ˜‰πŸŒΈ

      Eh, that’s so not true. TBH, your word choice is excellent and you’ve an original signature style (those twists at the end of your poems), unlike many others who just post “inspired” pieces here.
      You’re different than the rest and that makes your poems unique to me. ❀️

    3. That’s so true. Everything important has come to a halt and nobody knows what’s going to happen next. It gets really frustrating to stay at home sometimes. 🀣

      Haha, congratulations!! You’re not a blogger, you’re a writer then. Bloggers strive to write something regularly so that their blog remains active. But people like us, we don’t care about all that stuff. 😹 I tried writing as frequently as possible, but nahi ho paata jab tak andar se feeling na aaye. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

      Heyyy, who said your poem quality is deteriorating? If anything, it has gotten even better. 🀩 Your kal wala poem was soooo perfect.

      Don’t say that! I’ll never forget you no matter what. πŸ€— The first girl on WordPress who I vibed with after so long. πŸ˜ΉπŸ’™ Will definitely remember you, Aa’eedah.

      Thankyouu!! Coming from you, these words mean soooo much to me. I’m really grateful. 😿β™₯️

  2. Now should I feel emotional for a USB cable too? These artificial things you write poems on must be so lucky, because there’s someone who feels for them too.
    We narcissistic just use and throw

    1. Yes! Go and thank the USB cable for providing his services to you. If he takes leave for one day, your life goes all haywire. 😁
      Yay, Firefly cares about everybody, unlike you, narcissistic person. 😊

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