Sublime Beauty!

His glittering eyes
Hold an unusual charm,
Like playful dandelions
Swaying amidst the farm.
That piercing gaze
Grips me so firmly,
Like a magical spell
Skilfully cast upon me.
His intense, eloquent eyes
Hit like a passionate breeze,
Their strength makes me go
Somewhat weak in the knees.
His innocent, sparkling eyes
Remind me of a kid’s smile,
Running around the woods
In pursuit of tiny fireflies.
His eyes make me exhilarated
Bubbles of joy, burst within,
Like bright, scorching sunshine
Radiating warmth and spirit,
Oh, I just wish to sit back
And totally tan myself in it. 😹
His adorable, half-asleep eyes,
Like soothing waves
Crashing on the seashore,
I lose myself into them each day
Yet the heart never stops
Craving for a little more.
His eyes evoke an emotional flood,
Should I smile or cry or laugh?
The world encircling me
Blurs when he’s around,
He’s a priceless work of art,
Oh, his sublime beauty
Enraptures my heart! 💫

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