Thou shalt Rise, O my Beloved!

Hello people! Firefly is back, but this time with something new and exciting. Guess what, I’m here with a collaboration poem, woohooo! 🥳 This poem is inspired by a picture prompt. Just look at those cats, God, they’re adorable! Thanks to my bestfriend and favourite poet, Abhishek, for contributing his soulful poetic verses and not spoiling this poem like I was expecting him to. 😼 I hope we’ll write more such collaboration poems in the future. Cheers! 🌟

So, presenting, Abhishek’s and Firefly’s collaboration poem titled- ‘Thou shalt Rise, O my Beloved!

The heavens had finally blessed their love,
Romance bloomed like a red rose tonight.
The whole universe rejoiced in amazement,
When he kissed her soul, and held her tight.

His kiss like sunlight’s warmth on shoulders bare,
Made her quiver with a strange delight.
She breathed the fragrance of his tender touch,
His body close to hers in moonlit night.

She blushed pink under the shimmering moon,
Euphoria drenched her soul, when their paws intertwined.
Passion burned bright, oh, they were drunk on love,
But froze, when footsteps were heard in sight.

Blooming love turned into an eerie chill,
Her flesh shivered, pale as the pale wintry light.
They took away her lover and her reasons to smile,
Slain in cold blood – no, they’ll never reunite!

2020 ©AphorismWithAbhishek ©TwilightFirefly ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

4 thoughts on “Thou shalt Rise, O my Beloved!”

  1. My God! Chandu, is this really for the picture you just shared?

    Don’t forget, I have 17 cats and they’re my closed friends, I understand their language and they understand mine.

    I can sense the cats telling me that they were used in the poem but the poem is way beyond that.

    It tells a lot of things, love being the most important. The touch, natures, kisses.

    My God! I loved it so much.

    You and Abhishek should make more such collaborations further. Good work, both of you.

  2. Throughout the poem I was waiting for any twist at the end like the rest of your poems contain but there wasn’t any.
    Such a lovely poem.
    I was reading S. Taylor Coleridge today and compared his and the other contemporary poet’s work with the today’s poems and poets and found a chunk of difference. Be it in the area of expression of emotions or rhymes or the metaphor.
    But this poem! It was hitting right to the feels. A beautiful piece!

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