This is the age of Screenagers, who,
Binge over silly rom-coms all day long.
Tap tap tap, they are great textroverts,
Obsessed with nonversations and songs!

Their life mantra is to Netflix and chillax.
Oh, how they crush over smexy Sheroes.
They have got such shortlived bonds,
Today Bromance, tomorrow Dudevorce!

Textpectations ruin their fantabulous mood,
They’re always hangry when it comes to food.
Oh, how this screenager generation has evolved,
We need Portmanteau words to describe them all. 😹

Hello people! This poem consists of some new and dashing words that I learnt yesterday. My dear friend and classmate- Nidhi Mangwani – has recently started her YouTube channel where she comes up with new English words, phrases and idioms everyday. Seriously, it’s so informative! 🌟

Her latest post on Portmanteau words inspired me so much that I thought of dedicating a small poem to her. Haha! Portmanteau words are the words formed by combining two different words together.

Do check out her Youtube Channel for more such videos to enrich your vocabulary and flaunt it in your friend circle! 😹

This is Firefly signing off! Take care and stay at home!

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27 thoughts on “Screenagers”

  1. This was really creative Chandu. I loved it so much. And that textroverts word I taught you na last time 🀭

    You’re way too creative. Beautiful.

  2. Hi Chandni, I am really late in the follow up, I don’t know how u missed it.

    But here I am I’ll check your blogs soon and love to connect to you

    See you around ✨

  3. Hey Chandni.
    This is the first time I am exploring your blog and look at are a package haa.

    And this blog…..witty.!!
    I really liked this word..textroverts πŸ˜ƒ

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