Why are you so difficult?

The little live chat icon sneaks in,
From the bottom left of my screen.
Oh, why did I mess up those settings?
Now I have to face customer service!

So, I click on the chat button,
And post a genuine issue.
To my surprise, I’m forwarded,
To a virtual waiting queue!

A queue of depressed clients,
Seeking a quick reply. Whose
Patience is gonna be tested,
Today, for yet another time!

Waiting lines are a nightmare,
But I keep my impatience aside.
And quietly wait for my turn,
In this virtual waiting line.

A few minutes pass by,
Then a message pops about,
Has my query been resolved?
Oh, I can’t wait to find out!

Excitedly, I click on the chat, But
Damn, my hopes are crushed flat,
All they manage to say is,”Hello!
Hope you’re doing great.”

My website’s down since the morning,
Is this the time for greetings, dude?
Their standard response to everything is,
“Yes. Let me check and get back to you.”

I don’t think they check on anything,
They just turn up the music and relax.
And gossip with their colleagues about,
Their annoying clients forever texting back!

I still had hopes they’d help me out,
When 15 minutes later, I receive a reply.
Oh, all my remaining hopes shatter, cause,
It’s a support document, so I could DIY! 😩

Hey hey hey! Hope you enjoyed the bitterness laced throughout this poem. I bet you all would agree that customer support reps are hard to handle.

The inspiration for this poem came while trying to have a conversation with a super annoying guy who only talks in gifs.

It left me with just one thought, “Why are you so difficult? Why can’t we have one simple conversation peacefully?”

And then I started thinking it’s the same with customer support, right? In the past 1.5 years of my experience as a technical writer, I’ve had to interact with a great deal of support staff.

From hosting companies, cloud storage, password managers, teaching tools, website builders, to designing tools – I’ve talked to them all. So, this was kind of easy to relate for me.

Most of my experiences have been really good and the support staff is generally helpful and kind. But at times, there are some representatives that really test our patience. I can’t help wondering what they really do while they keep us waiting!

One of my worst support experiences was when I was testing a popular hosting company and some issue made my website inaccessible.

Now, instead of helping me out with some quick instructions, they just kept on forwarding me page links and support guides and not actually helping me in any way. Finally, my mentor actually helped me get it up and running. Huh!

Another weird experience was when I was testing some Indian digital tool and was talking to a support guy who was apparently “extra sweet“.

The best part is that I access everything through my mentor’s id. So, I wasn’t expecting the support guy to be treating another guy with such sugary responses.

He was sending off those cute emojis and stuff, and I was like,

If I’d continued the chat for a few more minutes, I’m sure he would’ve asked for my number. So damn weirdddd! 😂

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this poem. What has been your worst customer support experience yet? Let me know in the comments box below, so we can laugh about it together.

This is Firefly signing off! Keep shining!

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