Yet another beginning!

Hello and welcome to Firefly’s blog. If you’re able to read this, congratulations! I didn’t knock you out. Well, not yet! You must be wondering what brings me here today.

By the way, who am I even talking to? It’s just me here. This is like talking out loud to the walls, huh. Nobody’s going to respond, but I just can’t stop speaking now. The reasons for my return are many.

So, the thing is that this place has been my second home since 2015. Even though I’ve been quite distant for the last few years, blogging is just my thing. It runs in my veins. I know that no matter how many breaks I take, I’m always going to come back here.

I always feel guilty for not paying any attention to my blog. Deciding to get a paid domain was for a reason, right? Nobody puts in money if they’re unsure. So, my plan was to do something big over here. But then came the internships and jobs and everything. And I suddenly had no time to spare for my tiny Firefly!

I had been sidelining this blog for so long that at one point, I forgot how to write anything for myself. The spark that I once had was suddenly fading and I couldn’t find anything worth posting. All those creative juices just dried away. And that’s a terrible situation for a writer to be in.

Right now, I’m stuck in a phase where I am really good at ideating things but when it comes to execution, I shy away! And it’s not the time to stay within the cupboard. It’s time to jump out of it and explore my real potential.

Today, I was inspired by a video by Ali Abdaal and thought of just penning down my thoughts for 5 minutes specifically. And he was right. If you pursue something you really want to for 5 minutes, you can’t stop!

The last few months have been somewhat difficult for me. I’ve made quite a few changes in my life. Took up new habits, tried to change my perspective of looking at things. That’s another trigger that brought me here. I’ve formed this new habit of reading, writing, and recording every single day. It’s really helping me dump my thoughts out there and have peace with my overthinking brain!

Last night, I just went through my previous blog and re-read my blog posts. You know what’s the surprising part? Instead of making me cringe, they gave me hope that it’s not over yet! I can still do it. Even though the beginning will be rough, and the first few posts will be crappy, I am going to improve my writing with time.

The best part is that nobody’s watching. This gives me confidence. I can do whatever I want here. 😀 Also, I am paralysed thinking about writing on social media. Instagram and Twitter give me anxiety, but WordPress feels like home. I’m going to stick to this place.

So, I don’t know if whatever I wrote makes any sense, but it helped me clarify a lot of things. That’s it for now. This is Firefly signing off! Keep shining.

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