Chandni Asnani

Hello! This is Firefly, a happy soul who dreams of inspiring the world with the power of pen! :)

Dystopia- An Acrostic Poem

Darkness enwraps the human civilization,Yelps of pain from every crevice release.Satan smiles down at the macabre sight,The town is painted in death & disease.On the verge of extinction, lies our race,Prayers and pleadings are all in vain.It’s a downward spiral we’re falling in,A Dystopia, where no hopes remain.

cyclotron @twilightfirefly


Numerous dreams shine above me,I walk towards them without tire.Ambition runs through my veins,Like a fierce, destructive fire. I am a charged particle,Brimming with desires. Troubles in the way, scare me,I recall you with a bated breath.And throw myself into the arena,Relying on those last bits of faith. I am a charged particle,Walking normal to …

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Sublime Beauty!

His glittering eyesHold an unusual charm,Like playful dandelionsSwaying amidst the farm.That piercing gazeGrips me so firmly,Like a magical spellSkilfully cast upon me.His intense, eloquent eyesHit like a passionate breeze,Their strength makes me goSomewhat weak in the knees.His innocent, sparkling eyesRemind me of a kid’s smile,Running around the woodsIn pursuit of tiny fireflies.His eyes make me …

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Flow Deep and Blue!

Hey, little wave on the ocean,Remember to flow deep and blue,Smile, and make your way through,The majestic ocean is watching you. Flirt with the colourful fishes,Blow the mermaids flying kisses.Flow carelessly, flow fearlessly,Bubbling, giggling with fellow waves.Wink on the sun shining bright,Flow, before childhood bliss fades.Flow deep and blue. Some waves might change their way,But …

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I Reach For You!

When I’m low on hope, and,Nothing holds joy anymore,When the heart is shattered,Cracks run all the way to the core.When healing scars are dug deep,Eyes threaten to, but cannot weep.I reach for you, I reach for you! When happiness envelopes my world,Giggles and smiles knock my door,The sea of good vibes overflows,Waves of positivity crash …

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faith @twilightfirefly

Keep the Faith

Do you ever feel like,All those things, long cherished,Fail to make you smile anymore?And every time you feel helpless, you,End up knocking on the same door? Like every time the door opens,It’s doomed to close upon you.And everything’s a nightmare,Nothing’s real, nothing’s true! Like every time you try to solve the puzzle,It complicates, making your …

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rose @twilightfirefly

His Love!

I sit before you, staring into your eyes,For hours and hours, my soul feels alive!Feeling the warmth of your love,While, oh, you embrace me tight! Wrapped in your warm and comfy arms,I feel protected, and deeply adored.Little by little, calming my soul,Your gentle touch, radiates to my core! Too far apart, I’ll die of separation,A …

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Follow Your Heart

Hello friends and bloggers! Wish you all a very Happy and prosperous Diwali. Talking about Diwali, it’s a Hindu festival which marks the triumph of the good over the evil. On this day, Lord Ram finally returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, completing 14 years of exile. This festival is popularly known as the ‘Festival …

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