Day 17 – Litmus and Covalent Bond

Hello all! National Poetry Writing Month is on! It’s the time when poets from all around the world exhibit their love for the art of poetry writing. πŸ˜„

My poem for Day 17 is titled Litmus and Covalent Bond. It follows no specific structure. The thought just struck me last night and I thought of penning this down. Have a look at my attempt!


Life – a solution,
Litmus, are we.
Changing pH,

Covalent Bond

Let us
Share our sorrows,
Fill each other’s voids.
Attract, repel, but
Stay by the other’s side.

Let us
Complete our life’s
Octet, and stabilize in
A strong Covalent bond,
For life and beyond!

You can check out my previous attempts at #NaPoWriMo here and here. Thankyou. This is Firefly signing off! Keep shining! Stay safe. ⭐

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12 thoughts on “Day 17 – Litmus and Covalent Bond”

  1. “Attract, repel, but
    Stay by the other’s side.”

    Ah, I love your wisdom here, Chandni! It’s a beautiful, beautiful thought. ❀️

    1. Haha, isn’t it true? Love is not colourful rainbows on all days. It’s bull fights and gunshots too. πŸ˜‚ And true love bears both. Thankyou thankyou! I’m so happy you loved thiss. πŸ€—β™₯️

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