Day 18 – Raindrops

Hello all! National Poetry Writing Month is on! It’s the time when poets from all around the world exhibit their love for the art of poetry writing. 😄

My poem for Day 18 is titled Raindrops. It’s a Septolet Poem. A Septolet poem consists of seven lines containing 14 words with a break in between the two parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture.

Here, I’ve tried to write two septolets dealing with the same theme. Have a look!

Rain drops
Fog the
Window panes.

Clouds roar
Through the
Ashen gray sky.

Lightening paints
My heart in

Weeps today
And so do I.

You can check out my previous attempts at #NaPoWriMo here and here. Thankyou. This is Firefly signing off! Keep shining! Stay safe. ⭐

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